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Completed projects - a selection

Geographie - unterrichten lernen

Geographie unterrichten lernen - Die Didaktik der Geographie
(Ausgabe 2023)

Ed.: Sibylle Reinfried

The state-of-the-art textbook «Geographie unterrichten lernen» has been thoroughly revised and updated. The long-standing textbook for teacher education and for all those who teach the subject of geography offers a thorough introduction to geography education. The range of topics includes classic but updated content such as teaching methods, media and lesson planning, as well as future-oriented principles and impulses from the psychology of learning, educational research and research in geography education.

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Strengthening the position of geography in
the secondary schools’ curriculum

This article is a plea for the strengthening of geography as a school subject in the secondary schools’ curriculum as part of the reform of the Swiss Matura exams (Swiss Highschool finals), published in the series "Carte Blanche - researchers comment" by the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

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Teaching climate change in schools
Project «Klima macht Schule»

The learning material on climate change designed for the project Climate Change Education and Science Outreach (CCESO) has been expanded to include typical problems of the Alpine region, using the example of the municipality of Davos and the regional Parc Ela. The teaching material and methodological explanations are aimed at learners in grades 7-9.

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Mission Erde - Wetter und Klima verstehen

Mission Earth - Understanding Weather and Climate

A learning book was developed for the "Mission Earth" project at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. Its goal is to better understand the difference between weather and climate. It contains tasks which allow the topic to be explored in the Swiss Museum of Transport and to be deepened using measuring instruments. Suggestions for experiments are offered for work in the classroom.

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Teaching climate change at school

Teaching climate change at school

A comprehensive collection of learning materials on the causes and consequences of climate change was produced in the context of the project Climate Change Education and Science Outreach (CCESO). The learning material was designed for all school levels. It is based on the results of climate change research and the findings of the psychology of learning.

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Geographie - unterrichten lernen

Geographie unterrichten lernen - Die Didaktik der Geographie
(Ausgabe 2015)

Eds.: Sibylle Reinfried & Hartwig Haubrich

The state-of-the-art textbook «Geographie unterrichten lernen» provides a comprehensive and current introduction into the fundamentals of geography education. It is an essential resource for the entire community in geography education, including university faculty, students, practitioners in the schools, and geography education professionals outside of universities.

Verleihung des Swiss Mountain Water Award

Awards ceremony of the Swiss Mountain Water Award on August 31, 2010

given by Pankraz Freitag, member of the Swiss Council of State, to Prof. Dr. Sibylle Reinfried (PHZ Lucerne) and Dr. Simon Scherrer and Dr. Peter Kienzler (Scherrer AG) by the “Netzwerk Wasser im Berggebiet” [“Mountain Water Network”] for the educational project „Freshwater sources and alpine hydrology in school education“.
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Schülervorstellungen und geographisches Lernen

‘Schülervorstellungen und geographisches Lernen. Aktuelle Conceptual-Change-Forschung und Stand der theoretischen Diskussion’

The book addresses the issue of students’ alternative conceptions and knowledge in geography and geoscience education. It includes the results of recent conceptual change research in Switzerland and Germany and displays the current state of the discussion.

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Interview auf Radio DRS1 zum Thema „Wie Kinder die Umwelt sehen und verstehen“ vom 10.09.09

Interview on Radio DRS1 about „How children see and understand the world“, September 10, 2009

Children dispose of alternative conceptions about the world and the natural environment that differ greatly from a scientist’s view of these issues. One concerns the idea that global warming is caused by a hole in the atmosphere, i.e. the ozone hole. Teachers who want their teaching to be more effective need to know their students’ conceptions prior to instruction.

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Bericht „Von Wasseradern, Höhlen und Eisklumpen“ in der NZZ am Sonntag vom 26.10.08

Newspaper article in the ‚Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag’
„Of water veins, caves and ice lumps“. October 10, 2008

The article describes lay people’s alternative conceptions concerning geosciences concepts (groundwater, glaciers) and explains why it is so difficult but necessary to change people’s understanding of these concepts.

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Unterzeichnung der Luzerner Erklärung über geographische Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung am 31.07.07

Signing of the Lucerne Declaration on Geographical Education for Sustainable Development on July 31, 2007

in Lucerne by Prof. Lex Chalmers (Chair of the IGU-CGE) during the IGU-CGE Lucerne Symposium ‚Geographical Views On Education For Sustainable Development

Symposium Proceedings (pdf, 4.2 MB)

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